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About Us

Italian technological hub for design and development of high-tech innovation projects applied to the neuromuscular diseases

Our History

The interaction developed in recent years by NeMO Clinical Center with research groups in the technological field, research laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, companies for the design and development of technological aids has set the bases for the creation of the first Italian technological hub for the development of technological innovation projects in neuromuscular diseases, called NEMO LAB S.r.l.


We want to change the treatment of neuromuscular diseases, bring patients to the center, and take charge of all stages of their life.


We want to improve the quality of life of neuromuscular community through the use of technological solutions.

Ethical code

Here you can download our ethical code.

The workspace

9 High-Tech Laboratories

Nemo Lab S.r.l. consists in 9 high-tech laboratories oriented towards:

Development and implementation of R&D projects

Registration and management of research patents

Provision of specialized and specific training on the application of technologies in the context of highly complex diseases

Transfer of technologies to the health, social, and welfare sector

Design and consultancy for companies with a technological vocation in the context of highly complex diseases

We offer you our solution and where we cannot arrive we create networks

The crew

Meet Our Team

chief executive officer (CEO)

chief scientific officer (CSO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

technical lead coordinator

Administration and quality

Occupational therapist

Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

The future

Lab in Progress

We are a newborn reality. In fact, NEMO Lab was inaugurated last 21 of April. In the pictures below you can see our evolution from the construction site up to the day of the inauguration. Our reality is located in Milan within ASST Niguarda and collaborates closely with the adjacent NeMO Clinical Center Milano. Other important points of reference are the NeMO Clinical Centers distributed along national territory: Rome, Naples, Messina, Arenzano, Brescia, Trento and Ancona.

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