A telemonitoring solution for neurological diseases

NIA is a solution that aims to empower the patient and encourage his participation in the care path. It supports clinical decisions and helps clinicians predict complications and automatically prioritize patients issues. Finally, it helps the institutions to optimize resources for a greater targeting of care and treatments according to the data collected. 

The project is developed in collaboration with the technical partner RiAtlas.


All-in-one solution

Specifically, NIA is a modular software medical device (CE Class I) for telemonitoring and predictions of possible medical issues for NDG diseases. It is composed of a wearable device able to collect vital parameters of the patient (passive data), an app that presents specific tools, such as neurological tests and daily mood assessment, for NDG diseases (active data), a web page for the collection and management of the data and an alert system and prioritization system based on AI engine (level 3) for the clinicians. The latter can early detect clinical risks, classify patients’ health status (ICF) and correlate context data with clinical data presenting the clinician an analytical dashboard. NIA is interoperable with other systems in accordance with the HL7-FHIR standard, and it is also usable as Software as a Service, in compliance with the privacy regulations (GDPR) and security (OWASP). The data is stored in an European cloud (Amazon Aws).

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