We are proud to announce that Nemo Lab has passed the first selection at Open Accelerator‘s 2020 Call for Solutions! Created in 2016 and sponsored by ZCube, Zambon Research Venture, Open Accelerator has grown over the years, extending its scope of operation and its call for projects to the international level ever since its second edition.At Open Accelerator (OA) they are looking for the world’s leading innovators whose digital solutions are shaping the future of health, thanks to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies (ie: wearables, biomarkers, advanced analytics, AI etc.).And Nemo Lab seems to fits perfectly in this vision.The acceleration program will take place very soon (fall 2020) at OpenZone scientific campus on the doorstep of Milan (Italy). The value of the entire program for each Applicant has been estimated to be around €25,000.


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